Jewish American Heritage Awareness Month #StopJewishHate

Jewish immigrants built their lives in America the same as European immigrants did, and they were welcome with open arms. They help build communities and expanded their families here. The Jewish immigrants are now residents and their children are born American.

Maybe I’m naive, but I seriously don’t understand why people have a problem with Jewish people or the Jewish Religion.

Unless the Religion is a terrorist group, a cult, or involved in illegal activity, we can not condemn a Religion because we don’t understand or agree with it. Who are we to judge?

About Jewish American Heritage Awareness Month

This month is a chance for Americans of every faith to appreciate the contributions of the Jewish people throughout our history –- often in the face of unspeakable discrimination and adversity. For hundreds of years, Jewish Americans have fought heroically in battle and inspired us to pursue peace. They’ve built our cities, cured our sick. They’ve paved the way in the sciences and the law, in our politics and in the arts. They remain our leaders, our teachers, our neighbors and our friends. Not bad for a band of believers who have been tested from the moment that they came together and professed their faith. The Jewish people have always persevered. And that’s why today is about celebrating the people in this room, the thousands who came before, the generations who will shape the future of our country and the future of the world.[13]

Let’s not forget the horrific trauma the Jewish families endured during the Holocaust, there is no way I know their pain but no doubt I pray to never see such carnage.

If someone can tell me what all the Jewish hate is about I would appreciate it.



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