1. Tough question. I like being in the now. My life is good; I’m happy in my mid 30’s, job is good and I’m finally traveling and having fun. Possibility of promotion is on the horizon.
    However I’m not loving the times right now… people are very disrespectful, social media is a beast, you can’t talk to or address people like when I was a kid, and each generation brings more entitlement and more hate on the elder generations before them.
    I was born in 87′ so I grew up into the 90s-2000’s. I loved those times. Technology wasn’t like it is now. Playing outside with your imagination was how you passed the day, Facebook wasn’t a part of my daily lingo, and I didn’t have to worry about offending someone because I expressed an opinion.
    So I guess I’m fond of the years I grew up into, but I wouldn’t go back because I’m where I’m supposed to be now.

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