Ted Talk: Why rejection hurts so much and what to do about it

Olympic athletes can face rejection daily which is broadcast for all to see. Luckily our rejection isn’t on the daily news.I hope you find tools for working thru the emotions of rejection.

Xx  M


  1. My emotions run so high that before I can truly feel the rejection it’s there
    Reality has nothing to do with it
    If it’s in front of me I’m eating it
    Then there are those times I need to be because of poor judgment
    Or the need
    If you love yourself
    There isn’t rejection
    The need and the want will fulfill
    As always sheldon


    • Hi Sheldon
      Rejection is different for everyone I guess. I’m a confident woman yet if rejected say after a long relationship, it stings like hell. Although I think rejection is good, we see life will go on, I can’t say I like it.Interesting you say if you love yourself there isn’t rejection. I have not thought of it that way.
      Have a great day.
      I’m glad you shared your feedback.

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      • There has to be an up side
        I’ve Ben slapped to many times
        Because my heart got in the way
        That’s why I’m still a hopeless romantic
        Still clinging on to love
        So if there isn’t love
        Then love of self


      • That makes absolute sense! I had my share in my 20-30’s, just couldn’t see the mistake I kept repeating. I made the same mistake and stayed married 13 years. I knew it wasn’t right but my drinking and traveling for my job jaded my view. I’ve never been a hopeless romantic but sure like being on the loving end of one as long as I’m not smothered. I have my own issues due to my childhood and mental illness, I’m not always see and loving when the beast is in me.
        You are a talented guy, what other artistic outlets do you dabble in?
        Have a great weekend.

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  2. Excellent! Rejection is at the center of everything. Rejection as a child becomes perceived rejection by everyone and is a real bugaboo to overcome. Thank you for sharing this TedTalk, M.


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