#WATWB Home Depot Workers Help Neighborhood With Clean Up After Tornados

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This week the DFW area was hit with 10 tornadoes, several in densely populated areas, most neighborhoods. Thankfully no one was killed and only a few injured.

Several of the neighborhoods had 100-year-old trees that were torn out by the roots, it was heartbreaking. More heartbreaking was to see the number of homes with roofs were torn off, some mostly destroyed and so many displaced until repairs and clean up could take place.

A nearby Home Depot was severely damaged and workers were unable to go to work so they went to the hardest-hit neighborhoods and help with clean up. HEB the grocery store chain brought out a semi-truck that served as a restaurant serving meals to those impacted. Several churches in the area were damaged, a couple beyond repair, the members of the church set up food lines in the parking lot for the neighbors who needed a hot meal.

Many big cities have their problems and I can complain all day about our own but when the chips are down, we somehow put everything aside and come together to serve.

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  1. I agree with athousandbitsofpaper. It seems community disasters soften the heart and bring people together to clean-up and take care of their neighbors. Kudos to the Home Depot employees, grocery story and church communities for helping out when it was needed most. And thanks for sharing this story for this month’s #WATWB.

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