Roe vs Wade

I have to go here. The decision the Supreme Court made this week was beyond shocking. 50 years of having a choice over our bodies taken away by 5 people. Now each state can make its own laws on abortion and many are making it illegal.

What does this mean? It means women will have botched home abortions or have babies they don’t want. This means more babies needing adoption, living in foster care, or worse living with a parent who didn’t want them.

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My mother got pregnant with me in the early sixties, back then you had shotgun weddings, as they called them. My mother was engaged to a man who was in the service when she had a fling with my dad, she didn’t love him, and certainly didn’t want to marry him. Her parents insisted she keep the baby.

My life was a mistake and she told me that often, along with how much she hated my dad. I had ruined her life. She physically and emotionally abused me and allowed my step-father to abuse me.

Some people should not have children, although I’m glad I’m alive today, I strongly believe my mother should have had an abortion. No one should be told they are a mistake and be treated like I was.

If we are going to take away the reproductive rights of women, we need to take away the rights of men. Men should not be allowed to have a vasectomy so they can continue to procreate and bring unwanted babies into the world.

I’m speaking not from my Christain beliefs but from a woman who doesn’t feel any man has the right to tell me what I can or can’t do with my body.

What does this ruling say? Women can be controlled but not men? Women are not equal? Now abortions become a political game, whatever the personal beliefs of the Governor are is what the state laws will dictate.

I personally have not had an abortion but can clearly state that had I gotten pregnant outside of marriage I would have without hesitation. If it’s wrong, that’s between me and God.

The Supreme Court is not God but acting like it.

What’s your take?



  1. Sadly the ruling impacts more than just abortion, it affects the right to health care, for those of us with autoimmune disease this ruling could block us from having the needed medications that control our diseases, Methotrexate being the main medication that is used as the first medication prescribed for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and many other auto immune issues, now in the states that abortion is illegal, access to Methotrexate (also called MTX)can be withheld by pharmacists that are worried about criminal prosecution, insurance companies in those states can refuse to cover any medication that has been or is used to induce labor even though there is a multitude of other uses for that particular medication.
    I was 6 yrs old when Roe v. Wade was passed, and now, almost 50 years later….
    I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

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  2. 5 people should not get a say on womankind, or what we do with our bodies. I’m sorry not sorry, but in cases of rape or incest or even scared teens there should be the option to abort safely. Myself for example; I’m in no financial way able to care for a child, or really physically able to handle a pregnancy. It’s my body, my choice. No one should be able to strip that away from me.

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      1. I don’t know how we got here but it really got noticeable when many people vocally put winning above doing what is best for our nation. Both parties though are guilty because a great number of people have trouble finding fault or even questioning their own parties potentially questionable policies. I’ve been shouted down many times for being the devils advocate for trying to point out hypocrisy or double speak. Both parties cry foul when not in control and then do the same thing while in office to varying degrees. Tired of them both!

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  3. I believe that once we conceive our body is no longer just our body but also a temporary home to a newly conceived human being. Where our rights stop and their’s begin with equal if not superior importance may be a matter of individual interpretation and conscience but certainly we need to stop thinking of our body as just ours in that circumstance. I guess to avoid the unwanted contraception on both sides of the couple is always an option

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    1. I agree contraception is the answer but so many don’t use it. One of my biggest issues is that if the baby is conceived by incest or rape that it should be an option. At the end of our life, it’s between us and God. If we make the wrong choices then we will pay dearly. Thanks for continuing to stop by and have a great weekend.


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