Another WordPress Anniversary

When I started blogging in 2005 the thought of where I was going or what my goals were didn’t enter my mind. I just needed to write and grieve my grandmother’s dementia and death. Flash forward to 2014 when I started Looking for the Light, my goals were more clear. To share my stories in an effort to reduce stigma and educate others along the way. 

I think I’ve accomplished this goal on a small level, as much as we can as individuals working from behind a computer. 

Thank you doesn’t seem appropriate for all that you’ve taught me but that’s all I have. Thank You!

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13 Year Anniversary Achievement

Happy Anniversary with! 

So glad you’re a part of my life and you share your stories in return. 




  1. Wonderful accomplishment, Melinda. Thankful to have made the connection and follow along your blogging journey. Thank you for sharing your story and helping to educate others along the way. Grateful for our friendship!💚🦋💚

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