Blogger Highlight-This is me

Thank you for all the great feedback on the Blogger Highlight series, I’ve enjoyed meeting each blogger and sharing their site with you. This week I highlight a new blogger, This is me. 

This is me

Hey there! Here with a plan of finally living life to the fullest.

Lets make My Story start here

Learning to face toward God rather than the past

I have a story to tell. It may help others who have experienced similar situations. But first I have to go on this journey. A journey where I figure this out. How to navigate my story and to understand it. Understand why this is even my story. Why did I have to go through what I went through? Where was God during all of this? What does he want me to do with it? I don’t want to miss any cues as to what He has planned. Where will my story go?

Be sure to find out where the journey leads. 


Looking for the Light



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