Just Pondering

Bella Grace Field Guide by Stampington

A perfect day doesn’t have to include anything over the top. It can be simply be made up of all the ordinary things that fill our hearts with joy.

What does a perfect day look like for you?



  1. A day where I can just hangout. Hangout with out anything that jas to be done. Spending time with my kids and husband….. oh and a day where my kids didn’t fight with each other, haha.

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  2. Saturday errands with my aunt, always trying to fit two trips of groceries in one cart (it never works) Sitting in my Papasan chair all curled up while reading a book, and then an evening chat with my roommie while she her tea and tells me about her day

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  3. Today was a perfect day. Sitting with my son, daughter, wife and my mother and father, doing nothing special, just talking and listening. Only lasted 20 minutes, but it was one of these moments, like nothing else outside that room mattered. Being together was my perfect day today.

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