Mini Me Health Update

I left my General Practitioner today feeling defeated, angry, and very tired. My labs are off, I have an infection and she can’t give me anything for my Sojerns. I was already in a bad head space when I arrived because I knew she couldn’t help me with my chronic issues.

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The Rheumatologist that diagnosed me with Sojern’s dissed any treatment. Now I’m scheduled to see my Immunologist to see what he can do. There are two drugs that help produce more saliva, I’m going to ask for an Rx unless he has another plan.

This is how bad it is, my glands are swollen hard as a rock it restricts my throat so eating and taking my meds is a big task. I can take a drink and before my bottle hits the coaster my mouth is completely dry. If not taken care of it will take its toll on your teeth.


I’ve survived a tsunami flare that lasted three weeks, it set off bursitis in my hips and there were days I had severe pain walking and I still have a limp. I spent most of the three weeks in bed, staying up only a few hours a day.

Tardive Dyskinesia

After taking medication for four months I decided the side effects were too much. I was falling, having dizzy spells and my balance was off. It didn’t help the problem so I am now going to the dentist for a mouth guard. For now, I deal with my tongue being in overdrive moving around my mouth.

I’m in a bad headspace right now.




  1. I am so sorry your going through this. As a fellow unicorn auto inflammatory human with 99 problems, i completely can relate to feeling defeated tired and just sick of being sick. Do what your body wants for this time and try to enjoy the ride. If my body wants $100 of McDonald’s then that’s what it gets, if it wants to lay in bed for 3 days then i do that, if i want to manic craft all night to feel some sort of productivity then i do it! Be kind to yourself 🙂

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  2. Oh, Melinda, I’m so sorry you’re feeling so poorly and have all those conditions to face on a daily basis. It must be exhausting and depressing for you. I know a little about Fibromyalgia as my best friend suffers from this. The other two conditions, I know very little about them, so I Googled them so that I have a better understanding of what you’re going through. It all sounds pretty grim, and no wonder you feel as you do. I can’t imagine how frightening it must be for your throat to feel like it’s closing up. I’m not surprised it makes taking tablets difficult. As if you haven’t been through enough in your life, you could certainly do without all these additional illnesses. I really feel for you. I do hope you begin to feel a little better soon and that you get the right and effective treatment from the immunologist and the dentist. I’m sending you my best wishes, peace, light, healing and comfort as you battle on for the time being. Love Ellie Xx 💓

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