Important Update Or Lack There Of On Petition**Let’s Send Our Collective WP Voice**

Countless hours spent making phone calls and letter writing to Federal and State Officials have fallen on deaf ears. Overwhelming support has rallied behind Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi petition yet more is needed. Please take a few minutes to read, sign and pass to all you know. We can turn the injustice around. The comments were taken from letter written by Pastor Rich Tidwell.

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, has been unjustly imprisoned in a Mexican federal prison for nearly 5 months on weapons charges after accidentally crossing the border with legally purchased U.S. registered weapons. Since his incarceration, I often find myself imagining what it must feel like languishing in a foreign high security prison, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, suffering from PTSD, malnourished, and unable to effectively communicate with others.

Andrew’s plight should not be a burden carried alone as his treatment by Mexican officials demonstrates how any American could potentially be treated should one of us make a similar mistake. His sufferings could easily be shared by ourselves, our siblings, our families, our friends and our countrymen… a fearful thought to say the least. Furthermore, Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi is a decorated veteran, saving the lives of multiple Marines during combat. He is a man who has fought injustice on our behalf, actively securing our American liberties after volunteering to make the ultimate sacrifice should his nation need him to. He is a man worthy of our rescue and a man our nation cannot afford to do without. petition link:

Thank You.   M

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