Stop Prison Abuse *Investigate Florida Prison In Darren Rainey’s Death* Petition

Please read the original petition. I wanted to cry and vomit reading how Darren was brutally murdered. How can two prison guards ignore Darren Rainey beg for his life? Original Petition . The prison and two prison guards have not faced charges for the death of Darren Rainey.

Please support our new petition

Steven Wetstein
Miami, FL
Dec 5, 2014 


Thanks greatly for all your support to date. We are still working hard for a federal investigation of the Darren Rainey case.
Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Mike Crews resigned last month, under the pressure of the numerous cases of brutality toward prisoners that have come to light, starting with that of Darren Rainey.
Unfortunately, Crews’ number two, Timothy Cannon, who has spent 25 years in the DOC, has been appointed as interim DOC Secretary. Please support Stop Prison Abuse Now’s new petition, at, urging Governor Rick Scott to appoint a different permanent DOC Secretary, one who is independent of the system they must reform.

Richard Scott: Appoint Independent Department of Corrections Secretary
After a string of brutal inmate deaths–like that of Darren Rainey , who was locked into a scalding shower until he died–Florida…



  1. YAY! An outside DOC Secretary has been appointed, and the Change.Org petition has been closed. A huge THANK YOU to everybody who signed the petition and came out in support of the welfare of our prisoners, most of whom have (usually untreated) mental illnesses! Thank you for posting this!

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