Caregiver 101 Tips I Missed

Reblogged from 2009

I care for my 92-year-old gramps and have been here five weeks. He had three surgeries in seven days. Without Caregiving 101 training, I learned the hard way.

*Ask the doctor what happens if the  procedure does not work.

*If a second procedure does not work, is there a third option.

*What is the recovery time and type of home health services needed.

*Is the surgery necessary for a 92-year-old who is already dying!

Gramps went in for non-invasive surgery, nothing prepared me for the outcome. I’ve been through several surgeries with gramps. This procedure had not been performed before however it sounded like the least complicated procedure to date. I forgot nothing is normal or non-invasive at 92 years old. We went from going home that afternoon, to having three surgeries over seven days. I made the mistake of thinking the procedure would go as in the past. Age makes all the difference, five years at this stage of Kidney Failure can change everything.

I’m blessed to spend this time with gramps, we still have a long road ahead. It is emotional and life changing. I’ve become the parent and he doesn’t like me telling him when to take his medicine. He has raised his voice more in the past month than in my lifetime. It’s hard to take it in stride, just bite tongue. Stress has triggered my depression, I struggle to keep myself in check and take care of my gramps.


Xx  M   aka Warrior


  1. I cared for my grandmother, a two-time stroke victim with CHF, for 11 years. During that time, I faced similar difficulties. A seemingly simple procedure always left us in the ICU hoping for recovery. Many sleepless nights and hazy days. We were women from two different generations. We learned to agree to disagree! You’re doing your best and I’m sure gramps is grateful! Thank you for posting!

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    1. Thank you for commenting. Caregiving is a thankless job but one many of us do out of love. It was heartbreaking many days while I watched her life slip away but I know she’s at peace and without pain. We understand the word caregiver, we are sisters in arms. Have a great day.

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      1. Watching my grandmother deteriorate over 11 years was heart-wrenching. But, we as caregivers, are expected to carry on even though our hearts break. Non-caregivers escape the brutal realities of caregiving! Yes, it’s sometimes a thankless job, but the moments I spent with my grandmother were worth the struggles! Enjoy your day as well!

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