Book Review for Down But Not Out by Mat Desforges

I was gifted a copy of Down But Not Out by Mat Desforges from Soraya Nair at Cherish Editions for an honest review. Thank you Soraya.

About the Author

“Mat Desforges is a dad, husband, brother, son, friend, acquaintance. Just like many of us are or will be.
Mat grew up in Dorset and was educated there as well as in Devon and France before moving to London and Guernsey after university. He then travelled and worked abroad before settling back in Guernsey for many years with his wife and now his two sons.

He has worked in a variety of roles in the commercial sector, government and regulation.
At the time of publishing, he is travelling with his family on what the kids have called a “global family adventure.” This pause from normal family life was partly inspired by the experiences he recounts in Down… but NOT Out, his first book. While away he is working on a second book.”

Excerpt From: Mat Desforges. “Down… But NOT Out.” Apple Books.


“This book is for everyone who feels low at some time, whatever the reason.
It is also for the lucky few who don’t feel like this. Hopefully they can understand, support and be there for the rest of us.
The sun does come out again.”

My Thoughts

Excerpt From: Mat Desforges. “Down… But NOT Out.” Apple Books.

“My impatience and inability to relax and take stock (again, all things that I feel had contributed to my negative feelings) were, yet again, getting the better of me. And I had more time to do these things now!! My days were busy, I was shattered, and I wasn’t improving. I was very up and down.

This came to a head when I was looking at my lists and felt my stress and negativity rushing back. But I have to do all these things to get better, was all I thought. I then shared these feelings and lists with a couple of people and they looked at me with that knowing eye.
“Just stop,” was what their facial expression was saying, but I couldn’t see it. They had to spell it out. They told me to stop and to take a rest. A proper rest. This was going to take a while to resolve.”

After Mat had his mental health break in the electronics store he thought a short bit of treatment and a list of all the things he needed to accomplish would get him better only to find it was digging him a bigger hole. Luckily he had friends to share his feelings with and they helped him see where he was going off course. Mat is mission-oriented and that can get the better of him, healing and getting back on your feet is a process that Mat had to learn. 

His view is a realist one, is very raw in his writing and shares straight from the heart. I like his no holes barred approach. I think anyone who has been challenged with depression can relate and understand where Mat is coming from. 

Down But Not Out is a fast read and will keep you turning the pages. I also think this book would be helpful to anyone who has had depression even if it’s not clinical or long-term.

Cherish Editions

Cherish Editions is the self-publishing division of Trigger Publishing, the UK’s leading independent mental health and wellbeing publisher.

We are experienced in creating and selling positive, responsible, important and inspirational books, which work to de-stigmatise the issues around mental health, as well as helping people who read them to maintain and improve their mental health and wellbeing. By choosing to publish through Cherish Editions, you will get the expertise of the dedicated Trigger Team at every step of the process.

We are proud of what we do, and passionate about the books that we publish. We want to do the very best for you and your book, holding your hand every step of the way.


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