Fun Facts

Hi, thanks for stopping by today. I love hearing your comments each week. We learn some interesting things, don’t we?

The word “emoji” comes from the Japanese words “e” and “moji,” which mean “picture” and “character.”

Grapes are toxic to cats and dogs – even in small amounts.

The Louvre in Paris is so large that it would take 100 days to look at each piece.

In the 18th Century, Smallpox scars would get you a job.

In 1913 you could legally mail a baby in the US.

The fact about grapes is news to me. I fed my dog Sasha grapes and it didn’t kill her. I don’t suggest you try.





    1. My old dog from years ago eat an entire bowl of chocolate kisses one night while we were done. Didn’t effect him that we could tell. But I would never feed a dog or animal chocolate. I’ll save it for myself. 🙂


          1. I started a new training program to use when they are getting bored and jumping on me. I take six snacks for the two of them and make them sit and stay before I give each treat. It works great.


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