Happy Thanksgiving

Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving started with our ancestors, the English pilgrims in 1621 as a festival to give thanks for the plentiful crops and successful year. Many countries today have Thanksgiving celebrations including, Canada, Germany and Korea.  Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude. 

What we know today as American Thanksgiving was first held in 1621 by the English pilgrims who were celebrating their first successful harvest. They held the occasion to thank God for the great harvest in the preceding year. The 16th president of the US, Abraham Lincoln, declared the event a national holiday in America in 1863 during the American civil war. He declared that the fourth Thursday of November should be set apart to give thanks to God in prayer. Now, Americans observe Thanksgiving to celebrate good health, blessings in their family, and prosperity. On this day, families come together and prepare different meals with turkey meat being a major part of the meal.

You are in my thoughts this Thanksgiving Holiday. You’ve shared your stories, pain, growth and comments with me this past year, I’m so thankful. My life would not be as full without you in it and that would be a shame.

Happy Thanksgiving



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