It’a A Bird, It’s A Plane, No It’s A Drone

On Saturday morning while standing on the back patio I noticed a drone not very far up in the sky and just over the fence in the alley. My first reaction was fascination, WOW if I were a kid and had a toy like that I could have so much fun.

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Then my fascination moved to who the hell is behind this device staring at me from my backyard. It just hovered perfectly just outside our fence. I came in and grabbed my phone, I have to take a photo of this.

When I came back outside, the drone when high in the air but no far from where it was then came over close to me not far off the ground. This happened very quickly and scared me a bit. Who the hell is watching me on the camera and they getting a good laugh and me taking photos of it.

About fifteen or twenty photos later it moved back, yet up and then lowered into my neighbors backyard.

I’m not one to rain on anyones parade but it left me unsettled that someone who’s intentions I have no way of knowing could hover around looking into my house and watching me in the backyard.

I felt my privacy had been invaded! Then thought it’s probably not legal to fly drones in the city limits. I did a quick search and it was clear that there were laws around flying a drone. Someone under 13 years old is not legal to fly a drone and every drone has to be certified and registered.

Now I really felt invaded. Chances are it was a kid who promised it’s parents not fly it while not at the park and they were away from home. I don’t care! I will rain on the parade if I feel violated in someway.

Photo by Sebastiaan Stam on

I called the police to see if it was legal to fly a drone within the fly in the city limits. Of course it’s not legal, there are designated areas they can fly and very clear laws is to where they can’t be flown.

Since I did not know my neighbors address at the time I did not tell the police who it was. After confirming their address I thought hard about what I wanted to do with the information. I’m not looking to start a neighbor dispute.

I decided to write an anonymous letter, obviously it’s not a total surprise to who was flying the drone since they are cameras. I stated that it was not legal to fly a drone in the citylimits, I felt my privacy was invaded and next time I would share their address with the police.

 It feels passive but I want to defuse a potential situation with the people I live next to. If it was a kid disobeying their parents by flying while at home alone I won’t see it again. If it was the owners then hopefully they will learn where they can fly the drone legally. I don’t want them playing with their invasive toy/camera in my backyard. 

Why do anything at all? I feel strongly that my rights were violated, I have no idea what potential danger or threat it could be and I live in a country where I have the right to privacy. 

Have you had a similar encounter? How did it make you feel? How would you have handled the situation? I’m very curious to hear your feedback.





  1. Oof…what a scary situation. Perhaps, if you know your neighbors personally, you could head on over and ask them if they’d been flying a drone in the neighborhood…and if so, to please respect your privacy in the backyard? Good luck with this!

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    1. It would seem like common sense but no everyone understands how much knowledge they can collect on the drones. They were hovering and depending on how far the camera could see they would be able to see in my house. The was scary for sure. It were a different time when we could just ask our neighbor to reset or privacy but people can get so mean and I don’t want anything to happen to my dogs.

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