Review Of Aromalief Spearmint Hemp Pain Relief Cream

I was gifted a tube of Aromalief’s Spearmint scent Soothing Hemp Pain Relief Cream for an honest review. As many of you know I am in love with Aromaliefs’ Lavender scent, it’s part of my nightly bedtime routine.

This post contains affiliate links that may make me a commission if you use them but they don’t cost you extra and it helps fund my Starbucks habit.

The package from Aromalief couldn’t have come at a better time. I used the cream right away on my hands which were in so much pain after two days of writing and surfing.

The first thing I notice is the scent is very light, you can barely smell the Spearmint and it has no menthol smell at all. The cream soaks in quickly, after a few shorts minutes I opened a door without any oily residue. 

A short time later I felt relief in my right hand which is my main trackpad hand. The pad on my palm was hurting and the pain did dissipate. I made sure to rub it down on my wrist since it was hurting from too much late-night surfing. My soreness did lighten up, I didn’t feel as strained. 

It’s 97% natural with ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil, Salvia Seed Oil, Cannabis, Spearmint Leaf Oil, and no THC. 

Best of all it’s Bunny Certified!  

I give Aromalief Spearmint Soothing Hemp Pain Relief cream a big thumbs up! And they are having an awesome Labor Day Special. 

Buy One 4oz Cream Get One 50% Off! 

Use Code LABOR2021


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Aromalief was created specially for women that deserve more than traditional pain creams. Its unique formula helps relieve pain fast, moisturizes dry skin, and has wonderful aromatherapy essential oils.

97% Naturally-Derived

FDA Registered and Made in USA


I would highly recommend this Aromalief cream and will keep a tube close by for daytime relief. 



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