Aromalief’s New Pain Cream Three Pack Travel Set

I was kindly gifted an Aromalief Pain Cream three-pack travel set from Annabel Mendez founder of Aromalief as a preview of one of their Christmas campaigns. This makes the perfect gift for a friend or family member who deals with chronic pain and individually they make great stocking stuffers.

Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief Cream Gift Guide 2021 Lavender, Orange, and Spearmint Scents

This post contains affiliate links that may earn me a commission that doesn’t cost you more to use and it helps fund my coffee habit. 

I’ve reviewed all three Aromalief scents and like all three. I love the product!  Lavender is my favorite, it’s part of my nighttime ritual and Orange Ginger is my daytime go-to. All Aromalief products are 97% natural, PETA Bunny certified, contain 1000 mg of Hemp with no THC, and is a women-owned business.    

One of the things I love about the product is it soaks in quickly and leaves no greasy residue. Which makes the energizing Orange Ginger or Soothing Spearmint great for daytime use. I am able to apply the cream, wait for a few minutes, and get right back on the computer. Each scent is light, with no overpowering fragrance. 

As for how they work, you need to read my in-depth reviews, but in short, they work. My last review was for the Soothing Spearmint Pain Cream. After two days of writing and surfing my hand and wrist were very sore all the way up my forearm. I took a few minutes to massage the cream into my hands, wrist, and up my arm until soaked in. After a short time writing, I realized the pain in my wrist and palm had let up, making it much easier to write and move my wrist. 

Aromalief is a drug-free alternative for your pain and it works wonders on the neuropathy in my legs and feet. 

If you are challenged with chronic pain I would highly recommend adding Aromalief to your health care arsenal. 
As a gift to you, Aromalief is offering a 20% discount* when you use the code HOLIDAYLOVE  at checkout.

Right now they are giving Free Shipping on all orders! 

Happy Shopping!


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