My Stalker Almost Got Me Killed

The first time I was stalked was scary but I was a child and they never confronted me or my girlfriend. They just drove behind us in the car all the way home from school every day. I can still remember the license plate number, NJN637. We never told anybody and one day it stopped.

The second time was very scary and I’ve written about it before. I was a young adult and made some bad decisions in character. He stalked me and my family for six years, even when I thought he was gone, he wrote me after several years to let me know he could still find me. It got so bad that the guy I was dating would go check under the car when we left his house, he was afraid of a bomb. No one should have to live with that fear.

The third and last time was the one that scared me deeply. I was still battling Lyme Disease and was very sick. I also was not very tech-savvy with phones. That will come into play later in the post. I didn’t know anything was wrong until the day Twitter got hacked, it was also the day I got hacked. They were tech-savvy enough to make it look like it was coming from two people I knew. I accused them of this terrible act and hurt them badly. Even WordPress told me one of them was tracking my DNS. I didn’t understand all of that and went about trying to mend the damage.

Then I started getting weird messages on my computer, or I would write something and they would keep changing the first letter. My spell correct doesn’t auto change anything, I know it sounded crazy. One day I was writing Auther and they kept changing it to Luther. So I asked them if they planned to hurt me. I don’t remember all the other questions I asked but I tried to converse with them thinking I could solve the problem.

Then one morning I pick up my IPad and it had all this jibberish written on it, nothing made sense. Sometimes there would just be one letter on a line. I showed my husband who thou he believed me was still a bit unsure of what to think.

You have to understand I was taking around 20 medications for Lyme in addition to my other meds, so there were days I was too sick to take my mental health meds. This added to the problem. Also adding to the problem was my lack of understanding of how my phone worked. I had only texted a few times and still didn’t understand that you could move between phone and texting without losing the person on the phone. This will make more sense in a minute.

In an effort to understand how much danger I was in I kept trying to engage in conversation. I would write text messages but would not send them. Still, the answers would come. They would make sense but they would be giving me names of people at times but I didn’t know who it was.

Every once in a while I would think to send the text. Still, the conversation continued. They didn’t say they wanted to hurt me but didn’t say they didn’t so I was still very unsure.

One day I was texting a friend who said they had been hiking and the stalker jumped into the conversation to say that my friend was lying. I couldn’t understand how they knew I was on the phone or how they could even hack my phone.

One day I was talking with them and felt very threatened and thought they were coming into my house. Not thinking straight and reaching for my home phone I ran outside and ask my neighbor to call the police. I didn’t realize that I could leave the texting and move to the phone to call the police.

Mind you I was in a tee-shirt and underwear only. The next thing I know four police cars and two fire trucks show up.

I start to approach one of the police cars with my phone held high and an officer pulled her gun on me. All the other officers stepped out with no aggressive body language and could see I was stressed out. The fire medics began to check my blood sugar and pressure and ask who they could call. I was calm, I told them my husband’s number was under ICE #1.

The whole time this is going on the woman officer who pulled her gun on me kept saying I was Schizophrenic and she would have me sent to the county hospital. This was very upsetting because the county hospital has a bad reputation and it scared me. I told her I was Bipolar, not Schizophrenic, she kept going on like she knew it all.

My husband arrived about 30 minutes later and assured them everything was ok and that I probably had not taken my mediation because I was so sick.

It wasn’t long after that I asked my stalker how long they had been stalking me and they said seven months. Later they started to give me clues to who it was and I figured it out. It was a woman on WordPress who I had tried to help who was severely mentally ill.

As soon as I figured out who it was and said her name, she stopped.

If you’re ever in this situation, make sure you get the names of the police on the scene and file a complaint. My local police needed some mental health training bad and that officer needed to be reprimanded for parading around saying I was Schizophrenic to all the other officers. She didn’t know what she was talking about and should have diffused the situation and kept her mouth shut.

Several neighbors saw the whole thing and one of them saw her pull her gun.

It was a very scary time and one I will not forget.

Be safe!




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