Introducing Vital Field’s Vagus Frequencell the Superhero Cell that Fights Stress at the Source

After years of research, Vital Field has introduced a Vagus Nerve Fregencell that is said to fight stress at the source. I haven’t had a chance to wear mine, I’m still wearing another Freqencell for review. I’ll have a review at a later time.

The Vagus Cell has been developed to be your best ally against stress, communication difficulties, or behavior changes.

Stress is the one thing that needs no introduction. We all experience it, we all battle its negative effects on our bodies and minds, and we all try to find ways to deal with it.

This is where the Vagus Cell comes in, like a superhero to save the day. Wearing it will ensure more flexibility and stability for the autonomic nervous system and higher resilience. This way, it can improve your everyday life and relationships, protect your mental health, help you achieve career goals, and in general reinforce your body against the effects of stress.

The better you become friends with your system, the more it really works for you.

– Mechthild Rex-Najuch,
world-leading vital field energy practitioner and naturopath

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Get to know your body:

Vagus, the largest cranial nerve, wanders through the entire body and there is hardly a structure that is not connected to it in some way. It is imperative for the reactions of our vegetative or autonomic nervous system. Together with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, the vagus nerve regulates our behavior during stress.

In the course of evolution, two parts have developed: A posterior and an anterior. While the posterior part keeps the entire body autonomously stable, the anterior part learns and is largely responsible for the perception of social elements and security. It is likely that communication has only become possible because of this. If the posterior part reacts autonomously, it means that it works independently. It ensures that all internal processes are maintained.

And what is the “the smart vagus” you keep hearing in every wellness & health article? Well, the anterior part is not autonomous, it learns. That is why it is also called the “smart” vagus. It will help you with the initial assessment of people and situations. Of course, it cannot do this alone. Remember that all structures in the body always work together for mutual benefit. The vagus nerve plays a crucial role in this. It mediates and controls, reacts to non-verbal language as well as to sounds, faces, and smells. In this way, everything affects our nervous system, our hormonal system, and our immune system. Because our body adapts itself seismographically – across all systems. With messenger substances, the challenges of life are appropriately answered in a biochemical way. Feels big? It is.


The cumulative expert knowledge and the science of using precisely targeted frequencies for health management and pain management are now, for the first time in history, available to end-users worldwide. Vitalfield applications don’t replace or compete with traditional medicine or conventional treatment methods. They are intended to provide an alternative treatment to pain and health, when conventional methods fail to provide significant results on their own. With zero negative side effects reported and over 80% reported satisfaction from customers, we are confident in offering a full money-back guarantee if our product does not work for you.

Since Vitalfield products are safe, natural, non-invasive and non-chemical, it’s worthwhile to see if our product can reduce your pain and improve your life.

You can check out one of my reviews of a Vital Field product here, I’ve tried and been completely happy with each product I’ve tried.

Be sure to use discount code Light20 for 20% off all of your Vital Field purchases.



The Vagus Nerve and Stress

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